Cycle Touring England Tuesday 8th September. Stawell to Wareham. 68 miles.

Decided to use the gps on the phone today just to see how I got on. It is really good if you like using back roads and not knowing where you are! Personally I like to know where I am or at least roughly and I prefer to go the most direct route! With the gps I didn’t have a clue where I was for most of the time and it felt as though I was going miles out of my way, I was totally in it’s control! Needless to say I did turn it off in the end and used the map but not until about 20 miles from my finish. The other problem with using the gps on the phone is that it drains the battery so quickly! I left the campsite with a fully charged phone but two hours later I was down to 50%! Even when I plugged it in to my dynamo on the bike I was struggling to keep it charged, it just drains the battery so much! But it’s good to try these things, I think I’ll just use it in an emergency or when I’m lost in a city as I have been doing I just thought I’d give it a try on a long trip!

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