Pont de Normandie Video 30th-June-2013

Garry McGivern’s Travelsonabike2 Pont de Normandie Flickr video was filmed on the 30th-June-2013. Garry filmed part of his ride across the Pont de Normandie, which crosses the River Seine. Unfortunately, the picture isn’t as clear as Garry would have liked. After bouncing around on Garry’s bike for more than 20,000 miles, it has some shadowing on the lens.

The video, which Garry filmed on his short ride along the Normandy coast, was originally posted on his Flickr Page but has now been transferred to YouTube. You can watch the video below or on Garry’s YouTube channel. But honestly, it won’t be any more enjoyable wherever you watch the video! You can also subscribe to his channel. You’ll then be amongst the first to know when Garry releases a new video. Or subscribe to Garry’s emails and receive all of his updates.

Pont de Normandie Video 30th-June-2013

Normandy France June 2013

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One Reply to “Pont de Normandie Video 30th-June-2013”

  1. HI Garry, we met at the campsite by the beach in Normandy. That camera is very steady, must copy your camera mount!!
    Hope you had a great trip anyway, I saw that hill you were talking about…it was nice to burn the legs again, hadn’t been challenged since the Massif! I have a mountain of video footage and pictures to go through from my months cycling so as soon as I’ve anything worth showing I’ll send it onto you,
    Was great meeting you and I look forward to catchin’ the rest of your cycling adventures on your website here.
    All the best

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