Nothing to See

Garry McGivern’s Travelsonabike2 Flickr Video “Nothing to see” was filmed on the 26th-August-2012 while Garry was in Kazakhstan. Kazakhstan is a wild baron place. And for much of Garry’s ride across the country, his only company was the wild horses. That seemed to be everywhere.

Link to a video posted on Garry McGivern’s Flickr page taken on his 22,000-mile cycle ride around the world. To read more on Garry’s ride across Kazakhstan, look at the archive pages below and click on August 2012.

Flickr Video: Nothing to See

Nothing to see apart from a few horses in the wilds of Kazakhstan.

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2 Replies to “Nothing to See”

  1. Hi Spike! 🙂 I don’t think I have ever seen such an uninvitng place!! Where exactly are you? Ella and I are trying to track you on a map. Keep peddleing and keep safe xx

  2. HI Garry I’m still following your travels with interest. Kazakstan looks about as flat as Australia’s Nullarbor Plain. Good to see you are getting closer to your target of 10,000 pounds. Jenette from Australia

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