October 2021 Monthly Update

Garry’s October 2021 monthly update, a good start to the month for Garry after being allowed back on his bike. He’s had his hip biopsy and aspiration. Been diagnosed with a new ailment! (yes, yet another one!) and marked the tenth anniversary of the start of his world tour.

Arundel Cathedral

After coming out of the hospital back in the middle of September and not being allowed to cycle! I was finally allowed back on my bike at the beginning of this month. And I had every intention of going away somewhere. Unfortunately, my body had other ideas, and I wasn’t feeling 100%. So instead of going away somewhere, I decided to stick to day rides. Although that didn’t last too long either, as cycling seemed to become more of a struggle day by day!

Scarecrows on bench
There’s a scarecrow trail in the village for Halloween
And Back To Hospital

A date came through for my biopsy and hip aspiration. And because it was being done under a general anaesthetic, I had to undergo a pre-op assessment. At the pre-op examination, the nurse asked me if I was anaemic! No explanation why, and I never gave it a thought to ask her why! Although later on that day, when I was home, I decided to Google anaemia. (every doctor’s nightmare) Again still not too sure why the nurse commented, possibly because of my recent blood tests? My red blood cells have been a bit low, although nobody else had said anything! But after Googling anaemia, I did seem to have a lot of the symptoms! Low red blood cells, fatigue, lethargy, breathlessness, light-headedness, and heart palpitations!

Lake and trees
Swanbourne Lake Arundel

After reading up on anaemia and noting that I did seem to have many of the symptoms, I rang the doctors. Who, in turn, sent me for a blood test. The blood test came back positive. And I was anaemic! No wonder I’ve been struggling to cycle anywhere! The only trouble now is they need to find out what’s causing the anaemia! (the below video explains what the doctors are doing next) Although the doctor seems to be of the same opinion as me, it’s related to my hip infection.

October 2021 Monthly Update Video

I went to St Richard’s hospital for my biopsy and aspiration last week. Where they took three aspirated samples and one bone biopsy, I hadn’t realised I would be having a bone biopsy, but considering it’s a bone infection I have, it makes sense! Not too sure how much bone the surgeon took out, but I’ve been in a fair amount of pain ever since! It was a long day, with nothing to eat from 6 am and nothing to drink from 10 am! The surgeon did say I would be the last on his list, and I think I was! I eventually went down to theatre at around 4.30 pm, and he was back home at 8.30 pm. I go back to the hospital next week to see the consultant and get the results from the biopsy. Hopefully, there will then be a plan for the way forward!

Church and graves
St Andrew’s Church, Ford near Arundel

And of course, it was ten years ago this month that I set off to cycle around the World, which has made me think! Even though I can’t cycle too far at the moment and possibly not for the next few months! But once I’m up and running again, or rather cycling! I’m thinking of going on an extensive tour!


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  1. Ding a ling!I liked that photo of Arundel cathedral. Ha ha! the two Phils: they were riding lightweight bikes. 81 miles, but to do it with front and rear panniers, that takes some doing. even your cycle lock would slow me down.

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