On This Day 24th-March-2012

This week’s on this day post comes from 24th-March-2012, and I’m in Australia. And have just received a fine from the police.

Saturday 24th-March-2012 Northam to Merredin. 99 miles.

I think this part of my journey will be much tougher than I thought, especially if this headwind persists! I’ve had it all day again. And I’ve had varying reports on whether it will stop or not. A man at the campsite said that the prevailing wind blows from the east, which I hope is wrong. Somebody else said that it’s the windy season. And the landlady in the motel tonight said it’s usually still!

I saw my first kangaroo today

The cycling has been pretty boring today, and I’m not even in the Nullarbor Plain yet. The few villages that I’ve passed through were like ghost towns. All there was, was the tumbleweed blowing down the high street! I’ve stopped at a couple of roadhouses to stock up on fluids and snacks, and they’re certainly not cheap. But then, is anything here? I’ve seen plenty of parrots and some grey and red birds that remind me of pigeons, but I don’t think they are.

Bloody Police

I got stopped by the police this morning and got a fifty-dollar fine, bastards! It was for not wearing a helmet, which I knew was the law. I just hoped to get away with it by playing the dumb tourist. It didn’t work! But if it’s the law and the fact that I’ve now got a fine, I suppose I’d better buy a helmet. The most annoying thing about getting fined was that the police officer was an ex-pat from England and showed me no sympathy at all.

Straight road with trees
The roads are long, straight and go on for miles

Unfortunately, there were no shops around today to buy a helmet, and all the shops are closed tomorrow. Sundays are like Sundays used to be in England, with everything closed. I’ll just have to wait until Monday before I can buy one. I hope I remember!?!

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