On This Day 26th-August-2012

This week’s on this day post comes from the 26th-August-2012, and I’m in Kazakhstan on my world tour. The roads are bad, if not none existent. And hotels are few and far between and use the word hotel very loosely. I think I even gave up on hotels because even when I did find one, I’d go out for something to eat. Then when I returned I’d be sharing the room with somebody!

Sunday 26th August 2012 – Opornyy to Qulsary. 54 Miles.

Nice early finish today, as it doesn’t look as if there’s going to be anywhere to stay for another hundred kilometres or so. And besides, there are only about two hundred kilometres to Atyrau, and I don’t have to be there until Wednesday or Thursday. My flight to Turkey is on Friday. Plus, I’ve already sorted a hotel out in Atyrau. Although I’ve not booked a room, the hotel I stayed at in Aktau has a sister hotel, which I’ll aim for. The staff in Aktau checked and said they should have plenty of rooms.

Not only have I had an early day, but I’ve found a proper hotel with all the facilities. It started to rain this afternoon and looked pretty miserable outside. I was so glad I stopped when I did.

Unshaven man in sunglasses
Maybe I do look a little scruffy

As I was cycling along this morning, a car pulled up alongside me and gave me some wet wipes and water! Also, the hotel wanted to serve me my meal in my room and even give it to me for free to ensure I didn’t come out! Well, I know I slept rough last night, but I’m sure I don’t look that bad! But then again, maybe I do after looking at my photo!

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