On This Day 27th-January-2012

This week’s on this day post comes from the 27th-January-2012, and I’m in Laos. And I’m back on the bike after having to take the previous day off due to an upset stomach. Which I think was the first upset stomach I’d had since leaving home three months ago. And that’s despite eating in some rather questionable places when it came to hygiene.

Buildings around a courtyard
My guesthouse
Friday 27th January 2012 – Kasi to Phonkong 89 miles

I felt much better last night, so I ventured out to a concert I could hear going on. Although when I arrived, they were between bands. But there was still a small funfair, prize stands and various traders selling everything from pots and pans to clothes. It had a good feeling about it if you could get over everybody staring! Have they never seen a white man?

I needn’t have bothered going to the concert anyway. The music was so loud I could hear it as clear as day from my hotel room, which unfortunately went on till well past midnight! After eventually falling asleep, I was then woken up at 4.30 by that bloody chicken again! Obviously, they never cooked it yesterday, after all!

Huts by a river
There are small villages everywhere

It’s been a much easier ride today. The big climbs have gone, and so has the asphalt! It’s been a bumpy and dusty day. When I stopped for a break, I got speaking to an American on a motorcycle. He asked if I preferred the dust or the big climbs. I replied the dust at the moment. The climbs are still fresh in my mind. But maybe if it’s dusty again tomorrow, I might change my mind. By the end of the day, I was black, or rather red, the colour of the dirt here. At least I don’t need to bother with any sunscreen. I’m wearing factor 50 dust!

Man in sunglasses
Wearing my factor 50 dustscreen
Flat Tyres Aren’t Good

I’d gotten a puncture just before lunch today, but I couldn’t find it. So rather than phaff around anymore, I just changed the innertube. I can look for the puncture tonight when I’ve stopped. About 15km from my finish tonight, I got another puncture! But seeing as it was only a slow one, I pumped it up, hoping it would stay up enough until I stopped. Luckily, it did, just!

My shower tonight was very welcome after all the day’s dust. And before going to find something to eat, I thought I’d repair my two punctures, only to find out that my pump was broken and wouldn’t pump anything up! Luckily this happened now. It could have been a nightmare if it had happened in the countryside! Luckily I managed to find a new pump from the garage next to my hotel. The only trouble is it’s not exactly small. It’s a standing pump for motorbikes! But I don’t care; it does the job, and it only cost me four pounds.

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  1. Take care of your self, and even you are buking around the word dont forget to eat rice qnd bring food and water put in your pack bag,bring also medicine it is important while you are biking,pray always,im poor friend but i caring you i have concern with you, especially your health, please try to eat, take vitamins, and rest for a while, i love you my friend..

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