On This Day 7th-April-2010

This week’s on this day post comes from the 7th-April-2010, and I’m in Ireland. This was my second attempt at cycling around Ireland. I’d attempted it the year before, but the weather was so bad that I gave up and went home. I’d caught the ferry from Cherbourg in France to Rosslare the previous year and had cycled as far as Galway before giving up. This year I’d started from home and had cycled up through England and Wales.

Wednesday 7th April 2010. In Dublin

Unfortunately, I’m still in Dublin and haven’t caught the train to Galway. After an enjoyable evening in the pub last night, I returned to the hotel in a fair amount of pain. For some reason, my left leg and ankle had swollen up. I’ve been taking painkillers for my leg since leaving home last Friday. But this is the first time it’s swelled up. After seeing how swollen my leg was, I decided that if it was still bad in the morning, I’d better get it checked out, hence why I’m still in Dublin.

I was awake early this morning, so I could abuse the hotel breakfast before catching my 7 am train to Galway. I’d completely forgotten about my leg until I got out of bed, but I got a reminder as soon as I put my weight on it. It was still swollen and painful. So after breakfast, I got a taxi to the local A&E.

At The Hospital

I arrived at the A&E department in St Jame’s hospital just before seven o’clock and got seen immediately. That’s good, I thought. I’ll get this leg sorted and get the next train to Galway. And still be there by the end of the day. Talk about thinking too far ahead. I was at the hospital for eleven hours! And while there, I think they did nearly every test going. I had x-rays, scans and two or three blood tests, but all returned negative. They couldn’t find out what was wrong. At one point, they thought I might have a DVT (deep vein thrombosis) but couldn’t find it. But they now think I’ve got shin splints (whatever they are) and ligament damage. And have advised me to rest for a few days.

So rather than rest here, I’m going to head home. The hotel is too expensive to stay in until I’m fit, and who’s to say things will be better after a few days. I guess I’m just not meant to cycle Ireland.

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