Cycle Touring England Saturday 28th May Bognor Regis to Horam. 58 miles.

Under cliff path
The under cliff cycle route between Brighton and Rottingdean.

Off to a seventh birthday party tomorrow in Crowborough so I decided to cycle there and make a bit of a weekend of it seeing as it’s a bank holiday on Monday. Had a bit of a stop go this morning whilst I waited out a couple of thunder storms, there wasn’t any point in getting wet as I knew I didn’t have that far to go today and it was quite a load thunderstorm in Brighton, I think it was right overhead but once it had cleared the rest of the day was lovely and sunny albeit a bit windy! Camped at a hideous campsite tonight there are loads of children running around all over the place and they keep tripping over my guy ropes, I’ve shouted at a couple of them! I was going to hang around the campsite for a while in the morning seeing as I don’t have to be in Crowborough until midday but after tonight I think I’ll be off at first light!

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  1. Good post. I used to cycle there from London. There was a good bed and breakfast place. With some sadness, I have now displaced my 62 year old touring bike with an electric bike. No sweat.

    1. That’s a shame about your old touring bile but maybe I’ll see you in St Malo on the electric bike?

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