Travelsonabike2 Croatia Saturday 5th-October-2013

Garry McGivern Travelsonabike2 is cycle touring in Croatia on Saturday, 5th-October-2013. Makarska to Dubrovnik. 93 miles. Another hard ride with some pretty big climbs!

Welcome sign in different languages
Yay, a new country

I passed through Bosnia and Herzegovina today, although if I’d blinked, I’d have missed it! I wasn’t even there for an hour! It was only six miles from entering the country to leaving it! And to be honest, it didn’t look any different to any other part of this coast! But then I suppose it was all one country, Yugoslavia, back in the day.

Houses by water
Neum the only town I passed through in Bosnia and Herzegovina

I learned today that the strong winds I experienced further back up the coast happen every year! The winds start in October and last through winter. They tend to spread along the entire Adriatic coast. They’ve just not got down this far yet! Best I get peddling a bit faster before it catches me up!

EU country sign
And goodbye, that was brief!

I’m not too sure about tonight’s hotel. It’s rather posh! From the road, it only looks like a small place. But the hotel is built into the hillside. Reception is at the top of the building to get to the rooms. You go down in the lift! Mind you, it does look out over Dubrovnik, and in the daylight, it’s possibly a good view. I had wanted to go out and explore Dubrovnik a bit tonight, but my leg is just too painful! I ended up sitting in the restaurant looking out over the lights of Dubrovnik and drinking beer, of course!

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