September 2014 – Update

Started off the beginning of the month with my tour to Scotland, I was planning on leaving earlier in the month but one thing and another kept happening so I was nearly a week later leaving than I’d originally intended.

I decided to go to Scotland as A; I’ve never been there. B; I couldn’t think of where else to go and C; With the referendum vote for independence from England coming up I thought I’d best go and sort them out and make sure that they stayed in the UK, which with my influence obviously worked!!

Wanted to be back from Scotland for the weekend of the 20th as it was my good friend Dave’s fiftieth birthday party, which was the normal affair of plenty of drink and good food. These parties are more like festivals in some respects, with people camping in the garden and a couple of bands playing. Festivities started at around 3pm and went on until about 4am, well for some of us it did!! A very good day/evening with about 120 people.

Sadly two characters from my local pub passed away on the same day this month Tony and Doug who will both be sadly missed; my thoughts go out to their families.

Very randomly and as per normal with me I decided on Friday 26th to go away for the weekend to Cardiff in Wales, which stressed Julie out as she only had about an hour’s warning that we were going! Always good to keep people on their toes! Only went there because I hadn’t been there for years and I was also hoping to go and see my relatives who live down there, but they just ignored my calls! Perhaps I should withhold my number next time so they don’t know it’s me calling! Apparently they were away on holiday! Not too sure what to make of Cardiff, there was plenty of shops which if you like that sort of thing is fine and the bay area is ok apart from all the chain restaurants! There just didn’t seem to be any real character to the place and there was also a lot of stag and hen parties, it seemed to be a very popular destination for them! But it was a good weekend and made a nice change.

The last day of the month I went back into hospital for an injection in my back which I’m really hoping will do the trick so I can get back to normal, although I’m not banking on it working, as my doctor told me that in her experience it doesn’t work that often and more often than not flares it up more! Even the consultant who was doing the injection said that there’s no guarantee it would work! But you never know hopefully it will work, nothing ventured nothing gained!

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  1. Hi Gary
    I hope things go well. Its really good to hear from you – makes me think I should stop waiting for my retirement and just get on with life. kay X

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