September 2021 Photos

September 2021 photos, there’s a bit more variety to the photos this month! Although not that much. Garry spent the first half of the month recovering from his third hip operation in as many months! But once he was released, Garry wasted no time getting out and about! Although he couldn’t go too far as he’s still not allowed to drive or cycle!

Due to the restrictions imposed on Garry, he spent a lot of time walking around Felpham and Bognor, taking random photographs. Many of the pictures that Garry took will be added to Garry’s Flickr page once he gets around to doing it! So he won’t bore you with them on here!

There are also a few photos that Garry took on a day trip to Brighton with Julie.

September 2021 Photos
Out Of Hospital
Photos From My Stay In Hospital
Hospital Food

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4 Replies to “September 2021 Photos”

  1. I’m glad you are out of the hospital and doing well. I look forward to hearing about you adventures when you are back on the bike. Take care.


  2. Got the moon! Could we have more photos of Julie? he he. I was planning my trip to Marseilles via Grenoble and Lyon but I couldn’t find anyone with a tandem.
    I hope your wound is healing and you’ve had your last hospital meal.

    1. I thought you might like the moon shot! Just remember I’m the star of this show, even though Julie looks better than me!
      Miss out Grenoble, then you can follow the Rhone to the Med! A much easier route, and it’ll be downhill all the way to the sea!! Then just zip along the coast to Marseilles.
      Somehow I don’t think I’ve had my last hospital meal just yet!

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