Somerset Bicycle Tour 18th-June-2017

Garry McGivern’s Somerset bicycle tour, Sunday 18th-June-2017 Southebourne to Bognor Regis. 15 Miles. Last night’s campsite was a lot friendlier, and a woman from the caravan next to me even gave me some beer. Despite me saying that, I already had my own. I think she may have had one or two too many beers herself! Judging by the way she swayed from side to side. But she was pleasant enough. Although I was glad I wasn’t her husband, she looked a bit of a handful.

There’s not much to say about today. I came directly home, making it a very short ride today and was indoors by nine o’clock. Once home, I unpacked my bags and hung the tent up to dry. One of the joys of leaving early is the tent is always wet.

Once unpacked, I put Passepartout away until the next time and went to the local supermarket. I then went down to the pub for a few hours at lunchtime to catch up with the boys.

This afternoon/evening, I spent around my daughters for a Father’s Day barbeque. All in all a rather pleasant, relaxing day. I’m not so sure it’s that relaxing for anybody else, though!

Small fishing boat
Fishing boat just off the coast

At least Passepartout is now all serviced and ready to go away. Although I haven’t got any trips planned at the moment.

An enjoyable few days away, despite being a ride, I’ve done in the past. Total miles covered 311.

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2 Replies to “Somerset Bicycle Tour 18th-June-2017”

    1. It all goes in my office ready for next time!
      The only bag that gets unpacked is the one with my clothes in and I take my sleeping bag out to air! Everything else stays packed for a quick get away!

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