Spanish Bike Ride 15th-April-2011

Garry McGivern’s Spanish bike ride Friday 15th-April-2011 Benicasim to Cambrils. 98 miles. There was a bit of a chill in the air this morning. And it was really cold on the downhills.

Tent and bicycle
The end of the day. All set up with the washing drying

I met a couple of Australian cyclists today. They weren’t a happy couple. Actually, they weren’t even a couple as such. He was on a charity cycle ride around Spain. And she just came along for the adventure. Gary was a lycra-clad cyclist who just wanted to pump out the miles, a real keeno. And I’m sure he shaved his legs! He would quite often just cycle off and leave her to plod along at her own pace, which I didn’t think was that slow. But then I’m not exactly fast myself! Tamara was a personal trainer (whatever that means and entails?). She was also into bodybuilding. Best not upset her then!

We kept passing each other all day, and I would cycle with each one individually and sometimes when they were together. That’s how I knew they weren’t happy bunnies. I got both their views. He wanted to push on to Barcelona the last time I saw them. That’s a whole day’s ride for me. Tamara didn’t look so keen on the idea!

What Is The Matter With These Campsites

I had a bit of trouble finding a campsite tonight. The first campsite I came across was a minimum stay of two nights. The second wouldn’t let me leave before eight o’clock tomorrow. And the third was like a building site! The one I eventually found is huge. It’s like a Haven campsite back home, but the showers were lovely, and it’s nice to be camping on grass rather than gravel!

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