YouTube Video Sunday 21st-June-2020

Garry McGivern’s Youtube video on Sunday 21st-june-202. Another YouTube/Flickr video.

It’s early July 2010, and Garry has been staying with some friends in Samoens, France, after finishing his tour of Italy three weeks ago. But he’s now back on the road and heading home.

On the ride home, he passed briefly through Switzerland! And by coincidence, meet up with a Swiss cyclist, Katrin, a bit further up the road! After chatting and cycling with Katrin for a short while, they decided to team up and cycle together, with Garry joining Katrin on her Eurovelo 6 tour.

Unfortunately, after four days, Katrin ran out of time and had to return home to Switzerland. (Well, that’s what she told Garry!) So they ended their tour in Orleans and jumped on a train to Paris. There, they parted company, with Katrin Catching the TGV to Switzerland. While Garry continued to cycle back to England. But before parting, they agreed to finish cycling Eurovelo Route 6 together.

Find out more on the France and Switzerland tour page.

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2 Replies to “YouTube Video Sunday 21st-June-2020”

  1. Well, I think she’s got a better rig than you he! he! Never mind, you’ve seen the beauty of things. What a marvellous video. I’m off to Seaview today with my egg sandwich and cold coffee.

    1. Haha! She certainly has! I hope Seaview was okay and you enjoyed your egg sandwich and coffee, I presume you wore your mask on the bus!?
      You’d best make the most of these last few days, it’ll be getting a lot busier after the weekend!

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