Sunday 22nd September 2013. Gerardmer to Frieburg.

Gerardmer to Frieburg. 75 miles.

Started the day off with a seven mile climb up the 1135m Col de la Schlucht, that took a good two hours and I was passed by several of the Lycra brigade who didn’t acknowledge me at all, not that it bothers me I know I can cycle just as far as them and carry a load and I’m enjoying myself! I even got passed by a couple on skis, the skis did have wheels so they could go on the road, think they must have been in training for cross country skiing ready for when the snow arrives.
It took me a good two hours to get up the Col but once at the top it was a good ten miles down hill which must have only taken about 20 minutes.
Once at the bottom which must have been around Munster it was flat all the way to Colmar. Had a little look around there trying to see if there was anywhere I could remember as I was here a few years ago, I sort of remembered bits of it all the pretty old buildings and a church that had green tiles on the roof, but that was it, mind you I didn’t spend too long there as remarkably I found myself on the right road out, purely by chance!
It was a fairly short ride from Colmar to the Rhine and the border with Germany. Once at the Rhine I was in two minds as to whether to cycle down the Rhine all the way to lake Constance or take the more direct route across country. Going down the Rhine would be more pleasant, it would be relatively flat and on cycle paths but would be a really long way round, or stick to my original route and just follow the main roads. I started to follow the Rhine and was going to go the long way round but after about ten miles I decided to stick to my original route. I then tried to get back to my original route by cutting across country using cycle paths which proved to be a nightmare, eventually I found my way back to my original route, although I’m still not convinced it’s the best way, we’ll see tomorrow!

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