Cycle Touring India Thursday 13th October. Dhule. 

Sat in the restaurant last night I wondered about leaving in the morning. But seeing as I’m only feeling ok when I’m not doing anything and the moment I do do anything I get short of breath and all hot and sweaty again! I think it may be a wise move to stay put for another day or two particular as the next town where I would get a hospital is 160 miles away.

Indian bike
A good old Indian bike

I’d been having a couple of issues with the internet so the hotel owners son Deepam (who’s been looking after me since I’ve been here and who I thought was the hotel manager) came to my room and sorted it all out for me and stayed for a good hour or two chatting with me afterwards.

Hotel sign
Sign outside the hotel

He was saying that “The Hotel Ganapati Palace” used to be on the main road through town and was always busy, but now there’s a bypass around town not so many people come anymore!

I had a really nice conversation with him and he has really good English so conversation with him was easy. It’s just like being at my very own “Best Exotic Marigold Hotel” really!

Went for a little walk this afternoon only around the block just to see how I felt and to get a change of scenery, it’s getting pretty boring being in the same place for so long, although I am still spending a lot of time sleeping and also now that Deepam has fixed the internet for me it’s a lot better I can bore you lot with my blogs and videos!

Street in Dhule
The street outside the hotel

There’s not really a lot to see around here just the usual little shops carrying out thier business.

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  1. Hi Spike
    It is good to hear from you and I am pleased you are resting up a bit.
    Take care and keep blogging 🙂 xx

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