Bike-Ride to Australia 21st-March-2012

Bike-Ride to Australia Wednesday 21st-March-2012. In Lesmurdie, Perth. I’ve moved hotels, and I’m now in a guest house on the outskirts of Perth, in the suburb of Lesmurdie. The place is run by Jenette and Peter, and their cat Rex. Although it’s a lot cheaper here than the hotels, it’s still costing 130 Aussie dollars and another fifty dollars to get here by taxi!

High rise buildings
High rise building in Perth

Before changing hotels, I took a train to Freemantle and brought some maps. Apparently, I’ve got to cross some desert to get to Brisbane! I also went for a haircut. I found a little barbers shop, which looking at it, I could have been back home. Vincenzo was originally from Italy and had migrated here in 1956. He was a little shaky, and I was pretty nervous when he got the cut-throat out to shave my neck! He retained a strong Italian accent, and I found him difficult to understand at times.

A Longer Stay

I received another phone call from the bike shop today. The chainset still hasn’t arrived from Melbourne but should be in late tomorrow. (fingers crossed!) That means I’ve got to stay another night in Perth. And even more annoying, the guesthouse is fully booked! That means another move tomorrow. I know I’ve been staying in a different place nearly every night for the past five months. But that’s easy, I carry everything on my bike, and I have my own mode of transport. But all this drudging around with my stuff in a case and relying on other forms of transportation. I feel like a fish out of water!

As lovely as my guest house is, it’s in the middle of nowhere. And because it’s a guest house, they only serve breakfast. But Jenette said that I could use their barbeque. (throw another shrimp on the barbie, Sheila! Or rather Jenette!) There’s a butchers shop down the road. I bought a couple of thick pork chops and cooked them along with some noodles. That’s the first time I’ve cooked in four months! I also found out why I struggled to find a room for the night. There’s a big cycling event!

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