Wednesday 21st March 2012 – Perth

Bikes still not repaired, the part still hasn’t come in so I’ve got to stay yet another night and also move again, it’s a real pain all this having to change accommodation, I know I stay in a different place nearly every night but it’s ok on my bike, all this drudging around with my stuff and having to rely on other forms of transport, feel a bit like a fish out of water.

Nice little guesthouse I’m staying in tonight, run by Jenette and Peter with Rex the cat. It’s in the hills just outside Perth, the only trouble is it’s not near anything and with no form of transport at the moment I can’t get anywhere. Jenette allowed me to use the BBQ so at least I had something to eat, just brought some chops from the butcher down the road and had them with some noodles, first time I’d cooked in 4 months.

Had my haircut again today, by a little old Italian man called Vincenzo, who’d been in Australia since 1956 yet still had a really strong Italian accent, he was quite hard to understand and he was a bit shaky! Bit worried when he got the cut throat out to shave the back of my neck, but I survived!

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