Thursday 22nd March 2012 in Perth

Getting pretty fed up with the prices in Perth now! Had to move out of the guesthouse and back into a hotel tonight (the guesthouse was already full for tonight) again the wifi isn’t free it’s £8 for an hour! Yet the guesthouse provide wifi for free, think the hotels are taking the pi..! Had dinner in the hotel tonight £30 for a steak, nothing else no potatoes, no veg just steak, they were all extra! Wish I’d gone down the road to McDonald’s could have got wifi for free then as well!

Got my bike back all serviced with a new chain set on, which should see me through to Brisbane! Be glad to get back on the road, been here a bit longer than expected and definitely spent more money! Hope it starts to get a bit cheaper once I leave Perth! Surely it can’t get any dearer, can it? Although going through this desert thing probably won’t be cheap, because when there is something, their going to be expensive, as where else are you going to go!

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