Travelsonabike2 England Thursday 22nd-March-2018

Garry McGivern Travelsonabike2 is cycle touring in England on Thursday, 22nd-March-2018. Brighstone to Brockenhurst. 15 miles. What a long day, 15 miles! I don’t think I’ve ever done so few miles in one day!

New born lambs
Little lambs at the Grange farm campsite

It was a bit of a disturbing night! I overcompensated for the cold and woke up sweating! I was expecting a really cold night so as well as my sleeping bag I’d put my silk liner inside the bag! Don’t think I’ll be making that mistake tonight!

White cliffs
Along the islands south coast

With only 15 miles to cover today, there was no need to rush off, and it gave the tent a chance to dry off before being packed away.

Lymington river
Lymington river at Boldre

Not too sure what I’m going to do tomorrow. I was thinking of cycling up to Greywell and that campsite I stayed at last year. The one in the pub garden! But being as I’ve struggled a bit today, and I’ve only done 15 miles! I’m not so sure I’d be able to make it!

Despite the pain and struggle, I’ve still enjoyed myself! I’ll make a decision in the morning as to what I’m going to do!

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2 Replies to “Travelsonabike2 England Thursday 22nd-March-2018”

  1. Blood and guts Garry! I just cycled up to Carisbrooke and got frozen by the wind. What you need is more comfort stops to spin out the day. If you see a nice cafe, stop for tea and cakes. A hot mid day lunch would set you up.
    I met a cyclist with a similar rig to you – panniers back and front. But his was an electric with nine settings. Keep up the videos!

    1. Well done for cycling up to Carisbrooke that’s a bit of a hill! Pub stops would be better!
      Electric bike with panniers? Could be the way forward the way I’m feeling at the moment!

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