Thursday 25th July. Newry to Rush. 57 Miles.

Another hard days ride, but at least I’ve managed to find a campsite tonight!

I was thinking of making it to Dublin, as it’s not that far away. But then I wanted to camp, I’ve had enough of hotels for a few days! Don’t get me wrong I like to stop in hotels, it’s so easy! Just rock up, lock the bike up, quick shower then off to the bar, it just all gets a bit expensive!

I know camping is a lot more work, but at least in the morning I can leave nice and early, no waiting around for breakfast. Not that I have to have the breakfast, but as I said the other day it’s good value and sets you up for the day.

I also need to make a decision as to whether or not I’m going to get the ferry from Dublin or carry on to Rosslare, which is probably only about two days cycle away!

Apologies if there’s no photos on this blog, I seem to be having technical issues!

2 Replies to “Thursday 25th July. Newry to Rush. 57 Miles.”

  1. Well, they were good photos. I see what you mean about hotels. When you’re out you are just immersed in the countryside and there is nothing to distract you.
    I wish I were in Dublin.

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