Thursday 8th March 2012 – Pamanukan to Cirebon.

Pamanukan to Cirebon. 75 miles

No rush to get up this morning as breakfast wasn’t until 7 and the bike was already loaded as it had been in my room. So got up just after 6 and was just fiddling about, went to pack my cloths away when I noticed my tyre was flat! Another one, must have got it as I come into the hotel last night! Had to unload the bike, fix the puncture and then load the bike back up, so much for not having to load the bike up!

Made fairly good progress today had a good tail wind, but by lunch time I was starting to feel a bit rough, after stopping and having something to eat I felt a bit better but not 100%. Decided to just ride another 20 miles or so to Cirebon, knowing it was a fairly big place there would be plenty of hotels, there was but they all seemed to be booked up or that’s what they told me! Finally got one at the fifth attempt, not such an early finish after all!

Don’t know about McDonalds taking over the world, KFC seems to be in more places or at least they have been on this trip!

Still not feeling too good tonight hope I’m not coming down with something!

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