Bike-Ride to Australia 8th-March-2012

Bike-Ride to Australia Thursday 8th-March-2012. Pamanukan to Cirebon. 75 miles. No rush to get up this morning breakfast wasn’t until seven o’clock. My bike had been in my room and left loaded. The only thing I needed to do this morning was, pack away my toiletries. That’s when I noticed I had a flat tyre! How annoying I would have to unload and reload the bike back up after all!

Cows on road
Make way coming through

I made good progress this morning, with a nice tailwind helping me along. But by lunchtime, I was starting to feel rough! I decided that maybe having something to eat might help. I’d not had anything since breakfast. Lunch did make me feel better, but not 100%.

Still not feeling great when I reached Cirebon, I decided to stop. But stopping and finding a hotel are two completely different things. It took me five hotels before finding one that had a room. They were all full, or that’s what they told me! After checking in, I lay down and napped for an hour or so.

That’s Better

After a nap, I felt much better again and went out for a wander. I needed some cash and went to an ATM. Blimey, I thought I’d won the lottery. I had millions in my account! That was until I realised the balance was in rupiah, not pounds! They say McDonald’s is taking over the world. I’d say it was more like KFC. I’ve seen them everywhere. Although that may be because I’ve been mostly in Muslim countries, where they don’t eat beef.

I’m still not feeling too good tonight. I hope I’m not coming down with something! It didn’t help when I saw a huge rat run across the floor in the hotel restaurant! I’m tucking my trousers in my socks! Oops! I don’t have any socks!

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