Travelsonabike2 Monday 3rd-April-2023

Garry McGivern Travelsonabike2 is cycle touring in the UK Monday, 3rd-April-2023. Bognor Regis to Brockenhurst. 62 miles. I’m a few days late, but I’ve made it to the New Forest. I was supposed to be coming here on Saturday, but the weather was so bad I stayed home. I was then going to come down here on Sunday but got engrossed in the Australian Grand Prix. But I’m here now. Unfortunately, now though, I’ve only got enough time for one night. I’ve got the dentist on Wednesday and the hospital on Thursday.

The ride down was pleasant; I had a nice tailwind. And I was at the campsite before 2.30. Speaking of the campsite, it’s now changed hands, which is a bit annoying. I used to get a discount. Now I have to pay full price, and it wasn’t cheap (but then what is these days), £18 for one night. £18 it’s almost cheaper to stay in a Premier Inn!

Gods House Tower in Southampton
There’s Always Somebody That Knows You

Cycling through Southampton earlier, I got recognised by someone who had seen my YouTube channel. His name was Paul, I think, and if it wasn’t, I apologise. He told me he’s off to Spain on Friday, cycling from Santander to Cadiz. As we rode along together, I found out that he’d had a stroke and had lost a lot of use in his right arm and leg. So both brake levers were on his left handlebar. It’s pretty amazing what they can do these days.

This afternoon at the campsite, just as I was on my way out to get supplies for the evening, I bumped into some friends from Bognor. They were down here checking out the campsite for a future visit. I can’t go anywhere these days without bumping into somebody I know or being recognised, for that matter. Oh, the price of fame!?!

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