Travelsonabike2 October 2014 Update

Garry McGivern Travelsonabike2 October 2014 Update. Unfortunately the injection that I had in my back at the end of last month doesn’t seem to have worked, and I’m still no better! Not too sure whether there’s anything else that can be done or not. I think my consultant said something about possibly fusing the bottom three vertebrae together. But again, there’s no guarantee that would work. And there’s quite a lot of risk involved; I’ll just have to wait and see what he says when I see him next.

In the meantime I’ve just got to try and work both for my sanity and bank balance! I’m finding it pretty hard going and end up in a lot of pain by the end of the day. But maybe if I just persevere, it will eventually get better on its own! I’ve been trying to think of something else that I could do but can’t think of anything. I certainly don’t think I could cope with sitting in an office every day or working in a shop! All I need to do is find a job that pays well and involves me riding a bike or drinking. Seeing as they seem to be the only things I’m any good at! If anybody’s got any other suggestions please feel free to contact me!

Enough Of My Health

Went along to The Hunston Canoe Club’s annual canoe event at the beginning of the month. An event aimed at promoting canoeing for youngsters and letting them have a taste of what it’s like in a canoe. As well as canoeing, they also have a raft race. This year, there were 10 teams with 8 people in each raft, with the winning team coming from a local pub, The Walnut Tree. It was a very successful and fun day, with about 170 people attending the event.

Looking Forward

Apart from returning back to work and the canoeing event, it’s been a fairly quiet month. Next month should be a bit more exciting as I’ve already got a trip to Morocco booked.

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