Travelsonabike2 Tuesday 7th-February-2023

Garry McGivern Travelsonabike2 to Christchurch Tuesday 7th-February-2023. Bognor Regis to Christchurch (that’s in the UK, not New Zealand). 75 miles.

Well, I’ve finally managed to get away. Mainly because the heating at home has packed up! And with this cold snap, it’s warmer in a hotel. Not really I was fine at home. No, I was going to come away last week the day the heating broke, but I stayed at home to get it sorted instead.

It was a frosty start this morning but once the sun got up it warmed and thawed everything out. I left home not knowing where I was heading. It was a toss-up between camping in Salisbury (well that was the idea no doubt I would have opted for a hotel. But I like to think I would have camped and maybe I will tomorrow!) or a hotel in Christchurch. No contest really. But I was umming and ahhing right up until Southampton, the last chance to change direction.

Ponies eating grass
New Forest ponies
Ferries And Roadworks

It’s not been the easiest of rides down. First of all the “Pink Ferry” at Warsash wasn’t running, so I had to detour there. Then the cycle path across the river Test in Southampton was closed. I think there was a diversion but obviously, me being me I just joined the busy road.

Things didn’t improve in the New Forest. The B3055 from Brockenhurst to Sway. The road I needed to take was closed. Although to be honest that wasn’t as bad I managed to squeeze past the roadworks. Avoiding a big detour.

And the final run down the A35 into Christchurch also had roadworks. But I just zipped past on the outside of all the queuing traffic.

I’m not too sure where I’m heading tomorrow, maybe Salisbury as I mentioned earlier. I won’t be going too far as surprise surprise I’ve got the hospital in a few days.

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