Travelsonabike2 Wednesday 1st-March-2023

Garry McGivern Travelsonabike2 is cycle touring in the UK Wednesday, 1st-March-2023. Bognor Regis to Brighstone on the Isle of Wight. 50 miles. Well, I managed to get away, as I mentioned in my monthly update and made it to Grange Farm for the first night of their season.

It was a fast ride from home to the ferry in Portsmouth; there was a brisk north-easterly wind blowing me along. That was also behind me as I crossed the island. It might not be so helpful tomorrow! Although I’m not entirely sure what I’m up to tomorrow, I’ll think about it overnight.

I can see why they always say you should familiarise yourself with a new tent at home. And try it out in the garden before taking it on a trip. But old smart arse here thought he knew best. And never put his new tent up at home before coming away! It was hard going, possibly made worse by the fact that I was cold now I’d stopped cycling, and all I wanted to do was have a warm shower. However, my initial thoughts on the tent are good, and I’m pleased with it. Mind you, I might change my mind in the morning!

I pitched my tent in this exact spot in 2018

There’s been a lot of erosion of the cliffs here at Grange Farm, and I wonder how many more years the campsite will be here. Although it’s not quite that bad. But some of the places where I’ve pitched my tent in the past have now fallen into the sea.

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