Garry McGivern’s February-2023 Update

February-2023 update Garry McGivern’s regular monthly update. On the one hand, February has been a good month. I’ve been out and about on the bike a lot more and even managed a few days away. Plus I’ve bought a new tent. On the other hand, it’s been expensive. The central heating at home packed up, and the website crashed. (not related, but they both cost me money. Both are now up and running again.) I’ve had plenty of hospital appointments, and somebody has cloned my profile and used it on a dating site!

The beginning of the month started with the central heating packing up at home, and I had to have a new boiler fitted. (The old boiler was 35 years old, so I think I got my monies worth out of it.) With no heating at home, I went away on my bike for a couple of days and went to Christchurch and Salisbury.

Houses on village green
Choristers Square Salisbury

You may remember that when I returned home from Salisbury, I was thinking of drying everything out, swapping over tents and heading off again. Well, I didn’t; I ordered a new tent Instead. I was so pissed off with getting wet in my MSR that I’d just had enough. I had hoped the new tent would arrive quicker, so I could try it out before I had to go to the hospital. And before my new boiler was due to be replaced, but unfortunately, it didn’t. I’ve got that to look forward to. I’ve not even taken it out of its bag yet.


I’ve spent a lot of time at the hospital having physio on my hip and neck this past month. Although I won’t be going for any more physio on my hip. It set off my sciatica, and the physio and I decided it wasn’t worth continuing if it meant I was in so much pain and suffering afterwards. Physio on the neck will continue, and I see a specialist about that in March.

With fewer hospital appointments and the days drawing out, I hope to get away more in March. In fact, I’m hoping to be on the Isle of Wight tonight (1st March). Grange Farm campsite opens for the season, and I always try to make it for their first day. And besides, I have a new tent to try out.

Donkeys in field
Local donkeys

I received a message earlier in the month from a lady in Canada. Apparently, this lady matched up with somebody using my name, website address and photographs on “Plenty of Fish.” (they must be pretty desperate!) After looking at my website and discovering that I was in England and not in Canada as this other person had claimed, she called them out. And they promptly disappeared. So if anybody does come across me on “plenty of Fish” or any other dating site, I can guarantee it’s not me.

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