Cycle Touring Nepal Tuesday 15th November. Kohalpur to Ghodaghodi. 67 miles.

Well that was a much better ride today although I never got quite as far as I wanted to!

Ox and cart
It’s a much slower pace around here

It’s been a relatively flat ride and I was cycling through the Bardia national park for part of the day. I also crossed the Bardia river where I saw some crocodiles basking in the sun along the banks and some turtles swimming in the water, there was also some pretty big fish that I could see from the bridge I was on!

A turtle in the water
A turtle

It was after crossing the Bardia river I entered the Bardia national park as I entered there was a police checkpoint as there has been so many times along this road. It was as I crossed the checkpoint I got stopped by one of the local guides asking me if I wanted to go into the park, there’s a 90% chance that you’ll see a tiger he said! Unfortunately I didn’t have time or else I would have. He did say to me though as I was leaving to be careful and keep an eye out for the next ten miles as a lot of wildlife crosses the road here including tigers! Great as much as I would love to see one not whilst I’m cycling!

Crocodile by a river

Well I obviously managed to survive that road and I didn’t see any tigers, I did see deer and monkeys however and I must admit that every time I heard something move in the jungle it made me jump, but whatever it was was more scared of me as I’d hear whatever it was scampering off in to the jungle!

Monkeys in a tree

After surviving the jungle road I crossed another stretch of water the river Karnali at Chisapani where I decided to stop for a spot of lunch. Which was the normal affair of rice, curry, dal and some green veg.

Checkpoint in Nepal
One of the many checkpoints

Anyway 10 minutes down the road after having lunch I started to get that feeling in my stomach that I might be seeing lunch a lot sooner than I had planned! And the more I continued on the the stronger the feeling got! The only trouble was now that I was in the most populated area I’d been in all day with absolutely nowhere to go and do what I needed to do or rather had to do!

I continued on for a short while longer but there really wasn’t any holding back I just had to pull over to the side of the road and squat! Such relief I didn’t care that anybody was around it was either that or I would have shit myself!

Dal bhat
My lunch which I saw a lot sooner than I would have liked!

Needless to say I didn’t continue on for much longer, in fact the first place I saw I stopped at and once I’d checked in I immediately sat on the toilet for the next half hour!

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  1. Hi Garry – got Kohalpur on youtube. Phallic symbols and those dreaded lorries. We’ve all got the same bug here and they are asking us not to visit the Hospital. The Indian ATMs are pushing out high value notes and the local shopkeepers can’t change them.

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