Cycle Touring Nepal Monday 14th November. Lamahi to Kohalpur. 68 miles.

It’s been one of those days where I’ve been struggling all day! Don’t know why, it’s been a bit hilly but not really that bad! Still its makes the end of the day better and that beer taste even nicer!

Guesthouse landlord
My landlord from the guesthouse last night

Normal service was resumed with the traffic back on the roads, the strike was obviously off today! Mind you the roads have still been fairly quiet and nothing like they were when I was near Kathmandu.

Misty road
Misty start this morning

My ride today has been mainly through jungle and I keep seeing signs with tigers on, so I’m not sure whether they are around here or not! Best not hang around too long to find out! I did see some monkeys at the end of today though!

Nepalese mud hut
Local houses

I see the chaos in India with the money situation is still just as bad, I’m hoping that when I cross back into India either Wednesday or Thursday that there will be some touts at the border so I can exchange some money with them, even though I know I’ll get ripped off but I don’t really have a choice as it seems that most ATM’s either have a long queue or are not working!


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  1. It all looks nice and rural there. We read about the ATM problems.They will always take pound notes. How many immigrants can you fit in your panniers? Did you dump your old tyre? That will be recycled.

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