Tuesday 28th April. Bognor to Bognor. 23 miles.

Well I was meant to be on my way to Scandinavian today! I set off from home nice and early this morning to ride to Newhaven and get the ferry to France, but after about 8 miles I started to get a rumbling in my tummy, I continued riding for a short while after but now this rumbling was starting to get a bit more urgent and I had to find a toilet rather quickly! Luckily I managed to find one just in the nick of time! Not too sure what’s given me an upset stomach? I did finish off half a carton of orange juice and about a pint of milk just before I left home and maybe they didn’t mix well in my stomach or they were off! I don’t normally have this problem at the start of a tour I’m normally a bit further away from home when it happens! I tried to continue riding for a short while afterwards but I just didn’t feel comfortable and was worried that I would have an accident! So I turned around and came home. I spent the rest of the day at home not too far from the bathroom! Now at the end of the day I’m still not feeling brilliant but I’ve had some black coffee and some dry toast and they seem to have stayed in, so I’ll see in the morning how I feel and whether I’ll try again.

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