Tuesday 2nd April 2013 – March update

Went to Bridgewater at the beginning of the month to take my bike for a well earned service and get a few parts that had worn out replaced, the front wheel was sent back to the manufacturers to try and sort out the problem I had in China with it freezing up, so hopefully that’ll be ok now.

I was hoping to cycle to Athens or Istanbul at Easter, but in the end, I decided not to go, for a number of reasons, one of them being my bikes not come back from being repaired yet!

Not really been out for many bike rides, we seem to have a fairly strong bitterly cold north east wind blowing all the time, apparently, we’ve had the coldest Easter on record, it got down to -12°c somewhere in Scotland!

Think I might also have a mild dose of flu at the moment, which I’ve had for a week now, I’ve been running a bit of a temperature and keep getting short of breath every time I try and do anything slightly strenuous!

Helped out my local canoe club that was running a taster session for children to introduce them to canoeing. Not got back in a canoe myself yet, I find having to put all the gear on a bit of a faff! I like doing things that don’t require me having to put on loads of different clothes or safety gear, i.e. cycling; I can just jump on and go!

The book writings not going very well either, I seem to get distracted very easily!

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