Wednesday 11th January 2012 – Kunming to Yuxi.

Kunming to Yuxi. 72 miles

Set off this morning and was doing really well getting out of Kunming until I came to a road that wouldn’t allow bikes on it! That was it I was lost, I just used the compass as a rough guide and asked people, although they didn’t seem to know too much or just didn’t understand me, I think is probably more accurate. Found what I thought was the road I needed, it was virtually un-rideable, luckily it only went on for about 4 or 5 miles then I found a lovely new road and was doing really well until there was a blockade, some locals were putting rocks and mud in the road it was totally un-passable, while they stopped all other traffic they beckoned me forward and showed me another road to take. I was in two minds as to whether to take it or try and get past them and continue on the new road! Luckily I didn’t as the road they sent me on was the one I needed and for the first time there was an actual road number that I could tie up with on my map!

Accommodation tonight is a 4 star hotel for £13!

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