Wednesday 18th September 2013. Neufchatel to Ressons-le-Long.

Neufchatel to Ressons-le-Long. 110 miles.

Bit of a wet night last night it rained all night and continued for most of the day, a couple of times I was drying out nicely then I’d get caught in a shower with nowhere to shelter and end up all wet again, the day did finish with the sun coming out.
Two very different types of riding today, the morning started of with me following the Avenue Verte (London to Paris cycle way) which was nice and fairly traffic free, soon got fed up with the twisting and turning of it though and wanted to go a more direct route which turned into a bit if a nightmare. Ended up going on several big detours due to the roads not allowing bikes on them, normally I might have thought about going on them but they were pretty busy and there was a lot of spray in the air from all the rain that there had been.

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