Bike-Ride To Australia 9th-November 2011

Bike-Ride To Australia 9th-November 2011. Obing, Germany to Vocklabruck, Austria 80 miles. Frosty start to the day. As  I looked out of the curtains this morning, I saw that the hotel looked out over a lake! It was very picturesque with the sun coming through the mist. No time to enjoy it though, I’ve got to get moving! That’s something I always miss out on, taking advantage of what the hotel has to offer!

When I went to settle my hotel bill, I had a pleasant surprise! They hadn’t put last night’s meal or bar tab on! I wondered if I should say something, but then it’s not my fault it’s not on the bill! And I’m sure they have more money than me! In the end, I decided not to say anything and quickly paid the bill! I couldn’t get away from the hotel quick enough! Although I did feel somewhat guilty! After leaving the hotel, I made good progress and had reached Austria by lunch. I think I was peddling like mad to get as far away from that hotel as possible!

First sighting of Austria
First sighting of Austria

The sun soon burned the frost off today, and it was lovely and warm. I was even down to a t-shirt. It didn’t last long, though! As I made my way up some mountain, the clouds descended, and the temperature plummeted! I went past one of those chemists with the temperature displayed outside. It read 4 degrees c! It must have dropped a good 14 degrees in the course of a few miles! I never did see the sun again!

Not a particularly pleasant end to the day, riding in the dark and fog! And I don’t think much of Austrian drivers. They pass by so close! And don’t even toot! I’ve not felt so intimidated since riding in Morocco. Still, it’s all okay now. I’ve found a bar and am enjoying a couple of beers! Although it feels strange sitting in a bar where people are still smoking! Very odd!

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