Bike-Ride To Amberley Video

August 2022, and another video update from Garry’s YouTube channel, this time, he’s off on a bike-ride to Amberley. Although Amberley is only about twelve miles from Garry’s home, It’s a tough ride across the Southdowns on very different surfaces. One minute it’s fast, busy roads. The next, it’s off-road on bumpy tracks, which do Garry’s back no good at all!

It may be a short ride, but Garry’s using this ride to judge how he feels before possibly going away later in the week. It’s not Garry’s usual type of cycling as there’s a fair amount of off-road cycling. But if Garry is going to go away anywhere, he needs to see how he’ll cope when the going gets tough. Especially as Garry now has a new ailment, or rather a reoccurrence of an old one. Such a sickly child!

Bike-Ride To Amberley Video

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