Brittany Bicycle-Tour Map May-2023

This Google map is from Garry’s Brittany bicycle-tour in May-2023. It shows where Garry spent each night on his 500-mile ride around Brittany. Behind each pin on the map is a brief description of the day’s ride and the miles cycled.

Not one of Garry’s longer rides, but he only had a week to spare. He had hoped to explore more of Brittany and stick closer to the coast. But time and weather weren’t on Garry’s side. Neither was his fitness as he struggled to cycle sixty miles a day. Although, after saying that, sixty miles does seem to be Garry’s usual distance nowadays.

Despite the bad weather, it was an enjoyable ride, although it seemed too early for many of the campsites to be open. On more than one occasion, Garry struggled to find an open campsite, and hopefully, it was because of the time of year and not because they were permanently closed.

You can find out more by visiting the Brittany Bicycle Tour page.

Brittany Bicycle-Tour Map May-2023

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