May-2023 Brittany Photo Album

Garry McGivern Travelsonabike2 May-2023 Brittany bicycle tour photo album on Flickr. Photographs that Garry took on his 500-mile cycle ride around Brittany. It was only a short tour, as Garry didn’t have a huge amount of time as he had to return home for some investigative hospital appointments. (The results of which are in a YouTube video published on Garry’s YouTube channel).

Unfortunately, the weather on Garry’s ride wasn’t that great, and a lot of the photographs reflect this with the grey skies. Photos always look better when there’s a blue sky, but beggars can’t be choosers. And there are still plenty of photos. Click on the picture below to view on Garry’s Flickr page. Follow me on Flickr, where I publish most of my photographs; you can also view pictures from all my tours. I also post a monthly update of photos, which, as a subscriber, you’ll hear about first.

You can read more about Garry’s ride around Brittany on the Brittany tour page. There are also one or two more photos on Garry’s Facebook and Instagram pages, which you can view without subscribing. But if you already subscribe to social media, why not follow Garry. You can also subscribe to Garry’s blog and receive news and updates straight to your inbox.

May-2023 Brittany Bicycle-Tour Photo-Album

Brittany, Bicycle Tour May 2023

If you want to find out if Garry’s away touring at the moment and check his location, visit the Where’s Garry web page.

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