Hilleberg Staika

Tent forest

The Hilleberg Staika Garry’s latest tent. After all the problems with leaks and breakages Garry has experienced with his MSR Hubba Tour, he decided to buy another tent, yes, another one! Some people like to buy shoes or clothes, Garry likes to buy tents!

After a little research and looking at different brands of tents, Garry decided to go for the Hilleberg Staika. He already owned a Hilleberg, the Nammantj 2Gt. Which despite being a good tent, doesn’t suit Garry’s needs. It’s not free-standing, and being a tunnel tent isn’t as versatile.

Looking at the Staika on paper it ticked all the boxes for Garry, it was free-standing and had two decent sized vestibules. It was a bit heavier than his MSR at 4kg but what’s a bit of extra weight, if the tents right. There was nothing else to do, but buy one!

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After several trips using the Hilleberg, Garry found it didn’t suit him quite as much as he had hoped. There’s nothing wrong with the tent at all, It’s a brilliant tent! Well made and will stand up to a lot of abuse. And if there’s a storm blowing Garry knows which tent he would like to be in! But what on paper looks good, in reality, doesn’t always work out! And the only way to see if a tent is any good is to try it out! Although granted, it’s an expensive way to find out! But as was said earlier, Garry likes to buy tents!

The search for the perfect tent goes on!

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Click Stand

Bike with panniers

Click Stand, the folding bicycle stand, another handy piece of kit, that Garry likes to use.

Passepartout, Garry’s bike isn’t equipped with a stand, so Garry always has to find a tree or post of some kind to lean his bike against when he stops!

This was a particular problem when he cycled across the Nullabor Plain, back in 2012! Garry’s solution, then, was to carry a stick, which wasn’t that practical, but served it’s purpose and gave Garry somewhere to lean his bike.

Bike by road
Passepartout in Australia in 2012

Garry still likes to lean his bike up against something, particularly when stopping for the night. It usually means that Passepartout can be securely locked to something. But there is the odd occasion when there just isn’t anything, that’s when a stand comes in handy!

Touring bike
In the New Forest

Basically, the Click Stand is a tent pole with a cradle on one end and a fat rubber foot on the other, designed to stop it sinking into the ground.

Click Stand
The folded Click Stand

The Click Stand is very sturdy and is more than able to support a fully loaded touring bike. Purchase one here.

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Quad-Lock Stem Bar Mount

Quad Lock stem bar mount

The Quad-Lock stem bar mount is used to mount Garry’s phone onto the stem of his handlebars, simply twist and lock!

The phone is attached to the Quad Lock with specially adapted phone cases which you can get for all popular phones. Unfortunately, there wasn’t one that fitted Garry’s phone! Not a problem you can buy a separate universal adapter to stick to the back of the phone case.

Hands phone
The adapter stuck on the back of Garry’s phone

Its position right in front of him allows him to see any incoming calls and it’s quick release system allows Garry to answer them before they ring off, even with gloves on it’s easy to release! Pull down the locking nut and twist to lift off!

The Quad lock has proved invaluable when Garry wants to use his phone as a navigation tool. No more having to try and ride along holding the phone in one hand and steering with the other, hoping he doesn’t have to brake suddenly!

Quad Lock stem bar mount
The Quad Lock attached to the bar stem

The quick-release system also works well when Garry wants to take a picture; it’s there right in front of him! Not buried somewhere in the bottom of his bar bag and once again it’s quick and easy to release.

The Quad Lock stem bar mount is an invaluable piece of kit for any cycle tourist.


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Anker PowerCore+ 26800

The Anker PowerCore+ 26800 is Garry’s latest acquisition.

It’s an ultra-high capacity power pack that is compatible with iPhones, Android phones, GoPro’s and most other USB-charged devices!

the search

After looking around at the various power packs that are on the market. Garry came upon the Anker power pack range and the Anker PowerCore+ 26800 in particular.

Anker PowerCore+ 26800
Three charging oulets

After reading some favourable reviews and its ability to charge different USB items at the same time with its triple outlets. Along with the number of times it’s able to charge! Before needing a recharge itself, Garry just had to buy one!

The Anker PowerCore+ 26800 coupled with the Anker quick-charge wall charger means it charges twice as fast. Garry’s first charge took 8hrs. And its Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0: Using Qualcomm’s advanced Quick Charge 3.0 technology, PowerCore+ allows compatible devices to charge 85% faster! It also has a bank of lights allowing you to know how much charge is in the unit.

It’s a bit bulky measuring in at 180x80x24mm and a bit heavy weighing 590g, but with all these power hungry items that we all seem to need these days it’s charging abilities far out way its weight and size! And should come in very handy on Garry’s next tour particularly if he ends up camping wild!

field test

To test the Anker PowerCore+ 26800 out Garry decided to take it on a little tour.

Garry was camping for three nights and four days in some pretty cold conditions! But the Anker PowerCore+ 26800 performed better than expected, bearing in mind the cold temperature! In that time Garry managed to keep his phone, which was in constant use and his GoPro which was also being used to film the tour completely topped up.

He even charged them both from the Anker PowerCore+ 26800 on his return home to see if he could run it out! But the very useful led display was still showing more than half of its power left!

Anker PowerCore+ 26800
LED’s display how much charge is left

A very useful piece of kit and Garry can’t wait to take it on a longer tour. Knowing that he will always have plenty of power to keep everything fully charged.

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