Cycle Touring England 14th-June-2017

Garry McGivern Travelsonabike2 is cycle touring in England on Wednesday, 14th-June-2017. Salisbury to Staywell. 62 miles.  It’s been another lovely day again today, although I’ve not been able to follow the cycle routes quite as much as I did yesterday.

Pub at Stockton
Pub at Stockton one of the villages Garry passed through this morning

I started the day off following the NCN45 from Salisbury which followed the river Wylye to Warminster then takes you through Longleat forest and then past Longleat safari park and house.

Longleat safari park
Garry outside Longleat Safari Park

After that, I got a bit bored following cycle routes and besides none really went the way I wanted to go so I got on the main A361, which was rather busy!

Glastonbury Tor
Glastonbury Tor

I stayed on the main road as far as Glastonbury where once again I found another cycle route, the NCN3 which brought me more or less to my campsite.

Somerset Levels
Looking out over the Somerset Levels

Although I’ve only cycled 62 miles today, I didn’t reach the campsite until well after six. But with the light evenings at this time of year, it doesn’t really matter, with it staying light until about 10 o’clock!

You Can’t Go Anywhere

Met a couple on the campsite from my old home town of Aylesbury, where I grew up. And even though they were a good ten years older than me, they went to the same high school as me, Quarrendon and had a lot of the same teachers as I did, Mr Wood, Mr Hill and Daber Davies! I think she said that they are all dead now which isn’t really a surprise as it was 40 years ago!

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4 Replies to “Cycle Touring England 14th-June-2017”

    1. There certainly is, as there is to most of the English countryside! Which we all tend to forget about!

  1. Garry, I have very fond memories of your mum (my aunt) giving Zoë and myself a guided walking tour around Aylesbury in 2003 when we visited her. She must have been about 76 at the time but she wore us out and I was in awe of her.

    1. Ha ha! She was always a good walker and use to walk to most places! Unfortunately I haven’t inherited her ability for walking! But I have certainly inherited her stamina on the cycling front!

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