Travelsonabike2 Germany Friday 18th-October-2019

Garry McGivern Travelsonabike2 is cycle touring in Germany on Friday, 18th-October-2019. Andernach to Lorick. 73 Miles. What a delightful hotel last night, run by Peter and Brigitte. It made a nice change not to be overcharged, as I seem to have been the past few nights! They even insisted on me taking some food from breakfast to have as a packed lunch!

 Wooden covered bridge
Lovely bridge I came over this morning

I’ve now left the vineyards and castles. The landscape has become a lot flatter and much more industrialised!

Industrial landscape
A change of scenery today

I got caught in a heavy squally shower, just as I was coming into Cologne! That delayed me for a good hour, waiting for it to pass. There was no need to try and ride in it. The rain was torrential, and the wind was just too strong!

I got pretty cold after getting wet. And it took quite a long time before I warmed up again.

Brightly coloured houses
Houses in Cologne
Playing The Tourist?

I did have intentions of looking around a couple of the cities I passed through, Bonn and Cologne.

Bonn, I couldn’t be bothered, and then after getting wet going into Cologne, I certainly wasn’t going to hang around!

Tent and bike
My campsite for the night

I ended up camping tonight, which came as a surprise! I had intended stopping the night in Dusseldorf. But once again, after arriving there, I decided not to stop and pushed on! But low and behold, a few miles down the road, I found this campsite!

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7 Replies to “Travelsonabike2 Germany Friday 18th-October-2019”

  1. There was a bloke who tackled the world circuit record on a stripped lightweight bike and he was doing 100 miles a day.. Yes, that tent looks good. I’ll bet you’re glad to get away from towns.

    1. I think that record’s been broken several times since then!
      I like towns and countryside, as long as can get a beer at the end of the day I’m not fussed!

      1. Hi Gary, thanks for your reply. Could you please advise how you sealed the seams as that’s the tent I’ve been thinking of getting but the numerous comments of users how leaky it is has made me wary. But as you said the layout is ideal. So sealing the seams from the start seems to be what to do.

        1. Basically I just bought some seam sealer, and sealed it both inside and out. It doesn’t look very nice, but if it keeps the rain out who cares!
          I’m not totally convinced that it’s worked though! I have had one wet night in it and it didn’t leak then!
          But I would like a few more wet nights just to be sure!
          Sorry it’s all about vague, I hope it has been some help!
          If I get a chance, I’ll upload a video to YouTube.

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