Travelsonabike2 The Netherlands Saturday 19th-October-2019

Garry McGivern Travelsonabike2 is cycle touring in the Netherlands on Saturday, 19th-October-2019. Lorick, Germany, to Arnhem, in The Netherlands. 76 Miles. I had an annoying start to the day. In fact, the whole day has been rather annoying!

Initially, the day started off really well. I got up and found that the tent was more or less dry! No having to pack it away wet for a change. Unfortunately, while I was having breakfast, it started to rain! Only for a short while, but enough to get the tent damp, never mind, same old, same old!

Border sign
The first of only two pictures taken today!

About an hour into my ride today, the wind got up, and it started to rain and has been doing so on and off all day. In fact, it’s been pretty chilly! The weather’s been so bad I only took a couple of photos, and they’re not exactly brilliant!

The second picture of the day, what else would it be?

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  1. Hey Don Quixote, you-re in Holland. Unbuckle your Lance (crutch) Windmills! Charge! After 73 miles, you deserve a break. My friends can’t believe your coverage. Nor can I. You’re not doing a Donald Crowhurst are you.

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