Europe-2022 Bicycle-Tour Video; Episode-10

3rd September 2022 Garry McGivern’s Europe-2022 bicycle-tour video; episode-10. Pont-sur-Seine to Bray-sur-Seine. Garry starts his day the way it ended yesterday with some off-road cycling, which is doing Garry’s back no good. But one good thing comes from it as Garry decides to sort his saddle out. It’s hard going on the rough trail, and Garry’s anaemia is evident with his shortness of breath and struggling to talk at the same time as cycling.

After a tough ride this morning and the threat of rain, Garry has an early day. And although it’s a short day, it’s very productive. And maybe this morning’s ride has got to Garry as he starts talking jibberish, and even he can’t decipher what he said.

You can either watch the video below or on Garry’s YouTube channel. Either way, it won’t make it any more enjoyable!

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Europe-2022 Bicycle-Tour Video; Episode-10

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