Friday 10th April; YouTube Video

Another video using Garry’s Flickr photos, this time he’s cycling to Paris and back, in a weekend!

This was Garry’s second tour, and the first time he cycled to Paris! It wasn’t so much of a tour, it was more that, he had itchy feet! And wanted something to do!

Because he only had three days to get to Paris and back home, there are not too many photos!

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2 Replies to “Friday 10th April; YouTube Video”

  1. That’s the stuff. If I had my way, I’d be going over there as often as you visit the Island.Nice along the Seine but all that camping gear would daunt me. Are there camping sites in Paris?
    Just followed a bloke who cycled Patagonia on a 20″ wheeled Brompton. The roads were awful and people said he needed a gravel bike.

    1. So would I, I’d be there right now given half a chance! There’s one campsite, and it’s right in the centre, I’ve stopped there a couple of times. But on that trip, I was in a rush and camped in some field on the way to Dieppe!
      That would have been an epic ride, I’d like to ride that one day as part of my Pan American trip.

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