Wednesday 8th April; YouTube Video

With the continuing Covid-19 lockdown, Garry along with most of the world has been trying to find things to do. While staying at home! As a result, he’s putting his Flickr photos onto video.

This short video, Bilbao to Bognor, Garry’s first-ever long-distance ride. A 1500-mile cycle ride from Spain to his home in Bognor Regis. And in the process raising money for his local hospice St Wilfred’s.

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2 Replies to “Wednesday 8th April; YouTube Video”

  1. Wow! That bridge! T’d liked to have gone there. Were those civil war graves? Is there a big art gallery there?
    Don’t you find it a strain crouching down in the tent?

    1. The Pont de Normandie at Honfleur, that was the first time I crossed it, it certainly is spectacular!
      That was the American war cemetery at Colleville-sur-Mer, I was there early in the morning before it opened, it was very moving, and immaculately kept!
      Don’t know about the art gallery!
      Crouching downs not so bad, it’s the getting up and down that’s the problem!

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