Friday 13 March. Great Yarmouth to King’s Lynn. 93 miles.

Had a really nice ride again today although it has been rather chilly with a stiff breeze blowing off the north sea which thankfully has been behind me again! I’ve been following the coast road which has had very little traffic on it passing through loads of little villages, one thing I did notice was the amount of churches that there was every village seemed to have one. I was enjoying my ride so much today that at one point I got a bit carried away and wasn’t paying any attention to the signs and went on an eight mile detour! All in all another good day, I seem to have got my cycling legs back! Not too sure what I’m doing tomorrow whether I’m going to get the train home or start cycling back, I’ll have a look tonight. Picture of a windmill I passed earlier todayTower Windmill Burnham Overy

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