Friday 15th May. Alcaudete to Granada. 44 miles.

Had a puncture to fix before I left the hotel this morning which really wasn’t a surprise to me! On the climb up to Alcaudete yesterday afternoon a lorry went past me with a burst tyre there was bits of shrapnel flying off everywhere, it’s not so much the rubber that’s the problem it’s the tiny shards of wire that give the punctures I done my best to avoid them but a lot of time you can’t see most of them! Fixed the puncture and was on my way by 9 o’clock, so not too bad. I wasn’t that worried as I knew I didn’t have far to go as I was only going as far Granada any way as I knew there were campsites there, I’ve got a wedding to pay for now! Also with the way the heats been these past couple of days I really didn’t fancy cycling too far! As it turns out it’s not felt as hot today, the breeze has been nice and cool and I’ve even seen snow on the upper mountains of the Sierra Nevada! (Zoom in on the picture) Hoping that I can start camping again now not just because of the cost but I can get up early and get a good few miles in before it gets too hot! I might even reach the coast tomorrow you never know! Photo; Sierra Nevada in the distance! Sierra Nevada

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