Bike-Ride To Australia 18th-November 2011

Bike-Ride To Australia 18th-November 2011 Zagubica to Knajazevac 75 miles. Another chilly night in my hotel room last night! And I forgot about the idea of taking my sleeping bag up with me! No wonder it was cold. The weather forecast on the TV said it was -6 last night! Mind you, I can’t really complain, bed, breakfast, evening meal and beer, for €30!

Hills in Serbia
On the road near a place called Bor

IT WAS FREEZING when I left the hotel, forcing me to dig out an extra layer from my panniers! I needn’t have bothered! I spent the first three hours going uphill and soon took that extra layer off, plus more! By early afternoon the temperature had risen quite considerably, so much so that even going downhill wasn’t cold! Mind you. I’ve not been flying downhill as fast I usually do. The roads are in such a bad way! I was worried my bike would break, or even worse, I’d come off!

Tonight should be my last night in Serbia. I’m hoping to reach Bulgaria tomorrow. Another new country to notch up!

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