Cycle Touring India Friday 18th November. Moradabad to Delhi. 106 miles.

Nice early start today as I was hoping to make it to Delhi but I wasn’t totally sure whether I would make it or not!

As soon as I got on the bike I put my headphones on and it was head down and just cycle! I very rarely put my music on but I knew it would be dual carriageway all the way and I just wanted to get to Delhi.

I was wondering whether I would just just make it to Ghaziabad for tonight and then sort a hotel out for my last few days in India, o’how I wished I did!

Fast food signs
Thought I was in America for a moment then

I knew it was a mistake arriving in Delhi in the dark! The traffic was a nightmare and I couldn’t find any hotels until I stumbled upon a group of hotels, the only trouble was that they were all the top end of the market, all five star and I hate those places and perfectly justified I think!I’d had enough by now so I chose the unbranded one or rather a brand I didn’t know and hopefully the cheapest! Initially the over officious security guard wouldn’t let me take my bike into the grounds until I told him there’s no way I’m leaving it out here! After a bit of arguing he eventually got a manager who let me take it in!After checking in and having a shower (I’m surprised they let me in at all looking at how dirty I was!) I went to go to the “sky bar” only to initially be refused entry because I didn’t have shoes on! Until I explained that I’d cycled here and didn’t have any shoes with me so he let me in, then when I did got in I was shuffled away into the corner and then got ignored by the waiter until I said something!

After a quick beer and something to eat which no doubt has cost me a small fortune I went back to my room to try and find somewhere cheaper! That was after paying for the wifi which normally you get free but for some reason expensive places always charge!

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  1. Delhi Man! I expect they inherited the class system from us. Will you come back with a sitar strapped on your back? I admire your grit.

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