Friday 20th September 2013. Nettencourt to Neufchateau.

Nettencourt to Neufchateau. 62 miles.

I was talking to the hotel owner last night who was telling me how busy the hotel and bar used to be, but now nobody comes, he blamed the smoking ban and that nobody drinks and drives anymore which I totally agree with! But the smoking ban should be up to the owners of the premises, not some eu directive from Brussels! People would then have a choice as to whether they want to go to a smoky bar or not! He also said that what youngsters there are in the town just stay in and play on the internet!
Not many miles covered today after having two latish days I decided to stop early so I could dry out things a bit like my tent and sleeping bag, not that the sleeping bag was wet it was just a bit damp. Also just wanted to check my route out a little bit.

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