Friday 29th May. Vilalba to Luarca. 77 miles.

Late start today they couldn’t find the key to the room that my bike was locked up in! When I arrived last night, as per normal I made sure that there was somewhere to keep my bike before checking in, there was an underground car park which was perfect. After checking in we went to put my bike in the garage, which I’ve done many times before, I always leave my bags on the bike and just take the one bag I need and the bar bag (the garages are always locked so their secure) but the man from reception decided that this wasn’t a good idea and suggested that we lock it in the store cupboard instead, which was fine by me, I couldn’t really see the need as it wasn’t some cheap hotel it was a rather posh 4 star one (although it wasn’t expensive at all) but if that’s what he wanted to do then so be it! Trouble was nobody this morning knew where the key was for this room they had to wait for the manager to come in! It wasn’t a real problem as breakfast wasn’t until 8 o’clock anyway and I’d gone done early to sort my bike out before breakfast anyway, I also wasn’t in any real rush because I thought it might be windy again! Once I’d had breakfast I went back to reception and there was Passepartout all ready and waiting for me. Once out of the hotel I was pleasantly surprised that it wasn’t as windy as it’s been for the past week, there was a breeze, again blowing against me but compared to what I’ve had I was happy! Had a few big downhills today one of them was about 5 miles long got rather chilly on that one, the temperature has definitely dropped a bit now I’m in the north, yesterday I had to put my jacket on today I’ve had my fleece on for most of it! Photo; the view I had on the 5 mile desent into Mondonedo.
Lush green mountains of northern Spain

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